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How to get your UAE trade license in 2021

There are few, if any, places in the world more open for business than the UAE. Positioned perfectly between East and West with direct links to every corner of the globe, it is one of the world’s most prestigious business hubs. Thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners head to our shores every year to apply […]

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Economic Substance Regulations in Dubai, UAE

ESR UAE: Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE

The UAE prides itself on being a fair, open, and easy place to do business in. To maintain this reputation, it’s important that regulatory bodies from major trade partners such as the EU and US share this assessment of our country. In 2019, the UAE signed up to a new set of Economic Service Regulations […]

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how to sell on

How to sell on

Bursting onto the scene just three years ago, has already made a considerable impact in the Middle East’s online retail space. A multi-billion-dollar collaboration between Emaar Malls, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, and several private investors, has quickly grown to rival Souq – arguably the UAE’s greatest e-commerce success story. Noon gives you […]

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start a logistics company in Dubai

Start a logistics company in Dubai

Dubai is famed for many things. Low tax. High buildings. The list goes on. Perhaps a lesser-known fact about the emirate is how ideal an environment it is for logistics businesses. The UAE is one of the most logistics-friendly countries in the world according to a recent report, ranked in 11th place ahead of both […]

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start your IT company in Dubai

How to start an IT company in Dubai

Dubai’s IT industry has been thriving for many years, and this trend looks set to continue. Last year, the emirate’s rulers set out their plan to make Dubai “the Silicon Valley of the Middle East”, building on a reputation that has already attracted the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, and Google to our shores. But it’s […]

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start a Real Estate Business in Dubai

Real Estate Business in Dubai, UAE

The Dubai property market has long been home to investors looking to make impressive yields. Often with great success. Returns out here are known to eclipse other global real estate hubs such as London and New York, with yields of 6% and above not uncommon. Even this year, in the wake of the pandemic, the […]

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recruitment agency in Dubai, UAE

How to start a recruitment company in Dubai

Dubai sees thousands of businesses start up on its shores every year. These businesses require skilled employees – and with a population made up of over 80% expatriates, they are happy to find them from all over the world. It’s no surprise then that UAE recruitment industry is thriving. Pre-pandemic, the UAE led regional online […]

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Testimonial from Keith Elliot of SIB Consulting LLC.

We assisted Keith in moving his entire licensing solution from one free zone to another. He cancelled his visas and license, set up afresh, opened a new bank account – and all this in the space of one month. His savings: Almost AED40,000 in renewal fees over the next three years. You do not need to […]

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start a digital marketing agency

How to start a digital marketing agency in Dubai

Dubai is home to businesses of all sizes, across all sectors. But all share a common goal. Bringing high quality products or services to market. And they need help getting there. That’s why marketing – and particularly digital marketing – is big business in this part of the world. In recent years, digital marketing spending […]

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