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Testimonial from Keith Elliot of SIB Consulting LLC.

We assisted Keith in moving his entire licensing solution from one free zone to another. He cancelled his visas and license, set up afresh, opened a new bank account – and all this in the space of one month. His savings: Almost AED40,000 in renewal fees over the next three years. You do not need […]

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Testimonial from Carla Gil of Summa Accounting and Consultancy Services LLC.

Carla tasked us with a comparison for one of her most valued clients. Not only did her client save some money on the initial setup, but will save a total of AED32,000 over the next three years. During the entire process the client had zero downtime in operations and opened a brand-new bank account with […]

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Testimonial from George Lusadan of Siglat Fitness LLC

George was struggling to afford his expensive renewal fees because he was stuck in a license package with more visa eligibility than his requirement – but unable to downgrade. He moved his license solution and visas to a more cost-effective and flexible free zone. The result: Savings of AED28,000 over the next three years. You do […]

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Gulf News: UAE Free Zones Special Report

Trade License Zone was invited to participate in a Gulf News Special Report about Top UAE Free Zones and Trusted Business Setup Consultants. Read the full report here

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