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Top businesses to start in 2023 in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers a variety of business opportunities, both on and offline, for entrepreneurs looking to start new ventures in 2023. With a GDP growth of 7.6% in 2022 and a projected growth of 4.2% in 2023, the UAE’s economy is growing rapidly. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the region’s diverse, multinational and […]

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One-person LLC Dubai, UAE [Explained]

The United Arab Emirates now allows LLCs to be formed by just one person. The single-owner or one-person company license is an ideal business structure for entrepreneurs and investors who want to limit their liability and enjoy Dubai’s tax advantages to the full. An LLC (Limited Liability Company ) is a legal entity that separates […]

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How to become a Dubai tax resident

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing financial hubs – and one of the critical reasons for that is the country’s zero tax policy. The United Arab Emirates attracts people from all over the world to live and work here. To avoid paying double tax and for your company to be exempt from paying tax, […]

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Commercial office cleaning business: 2023 Guide

Dubai boasts many gleaming skyscrapers and office blocks. Cleaning all that floor space is a major operation, making commercial office cleaning services a vital sector in the UAE. There is no shortage of commercial spaces that need cleaning – and it’s a lucrative niche for entrepreneurs. A great business opportunity, in other words! In this […]

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How to add activities to your UAE trade license

Business setup in the United Arab Emirates is a simple and straightforward process. Anyone can open a business. However, all companies require a trade license to operate legally in the UAE. Applying for the correct trade license means you need to pre-select your company’s services. However, as the business grows, you might want to add […]

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Special purpose vehicle UAE – 2023 Guide

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a specialist type of holding company with passive functions that provide advantages for businesses and business owners in the United Arab Emirates. AN SPV might be just what your business needs to separate assets, optimise your holding structure, and more. SPVs are a reliable and robust business framework to […]

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Sole establishment vs LLC UAE [2023 Guide]

Dubai is an entrepreneur’s dream. The United Arab Emirates is one of the most business-forward countries in the world, offering unique opportunities for foreign national entrepreneurs and investors to set up the businesses of their dreams. A sole establishment (also known as a sole proprietorship) is one of the most popular business structures, but you […]

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Sponsor your family in Dubai: 2023 Guide

Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive destinations for holidays – and living. If you’re looking to move to the United Arab Emirates to live and work in Dubai, you may also want to consider sponsoring your family members. Over 90% of Dubai’s population consists of foreign nationals and expats, so you’ll be happy […]

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Start a delivery service business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Delivery services are no longer a luxury for businesses in the food industry. Delivery service businesses today are a must-have, and the United Arab Emirates leads the market for online food delivery services, fast deliveries, and delivery partner operations. The convenience of food delivery services makes people’s lives easier and saves time. With cost-effective delivery […]

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