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Bus rental business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

More than 2 million people use public transport each day in Dubai. As the United Arab Emirates’ fastest-growing region, moving people to and from work, shops, leisure activities, and more sounds like a potentially lucrative business… and it is! Can you start your own bus rental business in Dubai? Absolutely! In this article, we’ll jump […]

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Chemical business in Dubai [Explained]

Are you looking to open a chemical business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates? As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, Dubai attracts the best talent from around the world. With a focus on STEM careers, not only will you have access to the right employees, but you will find an excellent […]

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From the UAE to Saudi Arabia: What are the most in-demand jobs in the Gulf?

This year has started well for job growth in the Gulf region. Saudi Arabia and Dubai are leading the way, and the first quarter has shown an 18% rise in the number of available positions, according to a report by recruitment agency Robert Walters. Not only is this a sizable increase, but it goes against […]

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Equipment rental business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Dubai is experiencing unprecedented growth. Given the many opportunities available, this is the perfect time to launch an equipment rental business in Dubai. Serving the construction, oil and gas, and other industries, an equipment rental company keeps the wheels of Dubai turning. If you’ve ever considered starting a business in Dubai, this is your golden […]

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Glass trading business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

A glass trading business in Dubai might not be the most obvious business enterprise you’d consider starting, but there are excellent potential profits when starting such a company. So, if you’re looking to open a glass trading company in the United Arab Emirates, this article shows you everything you need to know to get started. […]

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From football to finance – what’s behind the Gulf’s big international purchases?

For many years now, oil-based economies have been creating long-term visions as a way of securing their countries’ wealth and prosperity far in the future. While investments into green technology and infrastructure have played a key role, what often makes the most noise is when GCC countries start looking abroad for investment opportunities. The most […]

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Trucking business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Dubai is ideally located as an international business hub. Importing and exporting are significant economic development drivers for the United Arab Emirates. A trucking business puts the wheels of the economy into motion, and a trucking company in Dubai can prove to be a very lucrative enterprise. This article provides information for anyone thinking of […]

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Yoga business in Dubai – 2023 Guide

Yoga is a spiritual and physical fitness exercise that uplifts and enhances a person’s physical and mental exercise and health. With their fast-paced lives, Dubai’s citizens have embraced yoga and its many benefits. If you’re looking to open your own business and yoga studio in Dubai, now is the best time. The market is consistently […]

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Scrap Metal Business Dubai: 2023 Guide

Scrap metals are in limited supply, but demand continues to grow. The material is sourced globally, and Dubai’s central location makes it one of the top scrap markets in the world. As countries, industries, and companies shift towards a greener future, scrap metal businesses feed the scrap recycling industry for international markets – and the […]

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Rice business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Parboiled. Basmati. Jasmine. Sticky. Black. Arborio. Brown. Carolino. Rosematta. Those are just a handful of the varieties of rice that many popular dishes include as an ingredient. Visiting a supermarket to buy a bag of rice can sometimes be overwhelming due to the many choices. The good thing is that rice is a staple food […]

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