While our main function and focus is business setup, we understand that for the new entrepreneur this is only the start of the journey.
Once we have successfully helped with the initial company setup, we then see it as our very important duty to create an environment of support for new business owners and entrepreneurs.


To this end we are proud to bring you TLZ Start-up Partners, where you will find a range of carefully selected and trusted suppliers to look after all of your business needs – offering a range of services to help you with your start-up operations.


We wish you the very best on this exciting new journey!

Legal Services

Contact: Simon Schmidt

Telephone: +971 4 311 3540

Email: simon@tacitusgroup.net

Website: www.tacitusadvisors.com

E-commerce Agency

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: +971 52 793 8634

Email: info@webshack.ae

Website: www.webshack.ae

Merchandise & Branding Services

Contact: Raymond Trott 

Mobile: +971 50 248 9723 

Email: raymond@pointgroup.biz

Website: www.pointgroup.biz

Recruitment Portal

Contact: Dubai Office

Email: info@gohuntr.com

Website: www.gohuntr.com

Fulfillment Center

Contact: Danish Nanji

Mobile: +971 58 585 5851

Email: danish@automyzefc.com

Website: www.automyzefc.com

All Trade License Zone clients will get 50 orders picked and packed for free! Use code: TLZ50

Trademark Services

Contact: Musab Qasem

Telephone: +971 4 437 0580

Mobile: +971 50 437 7798

Email: musab@sltrans.net

Trade License Zone customers benefit from a 10% discount.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: 800 123 123

Email: support@aeserver.com

Website: www.aeserver.com

All Trade License Zone customers receive 40% off any hosting plan bundle (domain+emails+webspace) – just use code TLZ2019

IT Services

Contact: Peter Jones (IT Director)

Telephone: +971 4 312 8440​

Email: info@ludlowconsulting.com

Website: www.ludlowconsulting.com

Free 1 hour consultancy for all TLZ customers relating to IT systems and configurations for all start-ups. 15% discount also available on all consulting and technician rates quoting TLZ-LSC

Car Hire

Contact Person: Collin Warner

Mobile: +971585956433

Email: info@carasti.com

Website: www.carasti.app.link/TLZ

TLZ customers Use code TLZ150 for AED 150 off your first month rental

Business Intelligence

Contact: Nitesh Marwaha

Telephone: +971 4 383 6307

Mobile:  +971 55 875 2588

Email: startup@startupmc.com

Website: www.startupmc.com

All TLZ customers benefit from a 20% discount.

Recruitment Services

Contact: Christo Daniels

Mobile: +971 50 253 2684

Email: cd@tribe.ae

Website: www.tribe.ae

Special Rates Apply to all Trade License Zone customers.

Domestic Worker Sponsorship and Visas

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: +971 4 706 0111

Email: visa@tadbeervisa.com

Website: www.tadbeervisa.com

Attestation Services

Contact: Nabil Ben Addi

Mobile: +971 50 809 2695

Email: nabil@lumier-glb.com

Website: www.lumier-glb.com

Insurance Services

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: +971 4 421 5819

Website: www.insurancemarket.ae  www.afia.ae

International Logistics Support

Contact: Paula Bellamy

Telephone: +971 4 554 0058

Email: paula.bellamy@ol-dubai.com

Website: www.ol-dubai.com

Website Design Services

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: +971 58 592 4536

Email: contact@banaa.com

Website: www.banaa.com

  • Free website (up to five static pages) will be designed and developed by our team of designers and developers
  • Free domain for a year
  • Free SSL certificate for a year
  • Free antivirus tools for their website for a year
  • Free weekly website backups (lifetime)

Any Trade License Zone customer will benefit from the above offer by using coupon code: TLZ20

Translation Services

Contact: Rawad

Telephone: +971 4 351 3565

Mobile: +971 55 6624482

Email: rawad@dubai-translationservices.com

Website: www.dubai-translationservices.ae

Trade License Zone customers will get a special discount of 30% on our Translation Services. To avail of this offer, send the promo code “TLZ_DTS” via email.

Communication Planning & Media Training

Contact: Philippe Borremans

Book a call:  https://prtraining.link/call

Email: phil@prtraining.online

Website: www.onlineprtraining.com

All Trade License Zone clients will get a free half hour Communication Strategy call + a 20% discount on the 6 Weeks Strategic Communication Planning Coaching Program – Use code: TLZ20

E-Commerce Financing

Payment Gateway

Courier Services

Real Estate Services

Contact: Byron Kraemer

Mobile: +971 50 644 2305

Email: byron@landhouse.ae

Website: www.landhouse.ae

Quote TLZ-LH for promotions and preferential pricing

Design Services

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: +971 58 592 4536

Email: support@designoye.com

Website: www.designoye.com

TLZ customers get 20%OFF with the coupon code TLZ20

HR Consultancy

Contact: Dubai Office

Telephone: + 971 (0) 4228 52 65

Mobile: +971 (0) 50 452 9448

Email: enquiries@hr-able.com

Website: www.hr-able.com/

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