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Rice business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Parboiled. Basmati. Jasmine. Sticky. Black. Arborio. Brown. Carolino. Rosematta. Those are just a handful of the varieties of rice that many popular dishes include as an ingredient. Visiting a supermarket to buy a bag of rice can sometimes be overwhelming due to the many choices. The good thing is that rice is a staple food […]

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Laundry business in Dubai – 2023 Guide

They say there are two things you cannot avoid in life: taxes and laundry. However, as an entrepreneur in Dubai, you can avoid paying taxes and grow a sustainable and successful business by doing laundry for companies and households. Starting a laundry business in Dubai is a great way to make a clean sweep as […]

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Ease of doing business in Dubai [Explained]

Entrepreneurs and investors are flocking to Dubai, as it is so easy doing business in the United Arab Emirates. The stable and strong economy booms with opportunity and provides foreign entrepreneurs and investors with spectacular attractions and incentives to live and work in the state. If you’ve ever wanted to know about the ease of […]

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The movie business in the Gulf

The movie business in the Gulf – what’s changing and where are the opportunities?

It’s often stated that Dubai is at the crossroads of the world – easy access to Europe, Africa and Asia, and a non-stop flight to the US east coast. For an industry such as film-making, which relies on locations and talent from every part of the world, the Middle East is a central hub, and […]

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Furniture business in Dubai [2023 guide]

Every block of apartments, hotel, office block and warehouse in Dubai needs furniture of some description. For furniture companies, Dubai is the number one business location. You can make your dreams a reality today with your own business in the UAE. In this article, we’ll cover the following: Furniture business in Dubai – an overview […]

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Fashion Business in Dubai – 2023 Guide

Setting up a fashion business in Dubai is easier than learning to sew. Dubai is one of the world’s fashion capitals and sets the trends for the rest of the world. If you’ve ever dreamt of being in the thick of things in this colourful and fast-moving industry, Dubai is the place for you. In […]

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Airbnb business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The United Arab Emirates government recently allowed people in Dubai to host on Airbnb, opening up some exciting business opportunities. You will need to follow Dubai Tourism’s Holiday Homes Operators’ guidelines before you are allowed to legally lease out homes on a short-term […]

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Diamond business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Diamonds are forever – and they’re incredible investments, too. If you’re looking into how to start a diamond business in Dubai, you’ll know that this is one of the biggest diamond trading hubs in the world and is one of the best places to set up a company to trade quality diamonds. So, let’s jump […]

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Tourism in the Gulf: Ready for Takeoff

With Dubai announcing plans to double its economy by pledging $8.7 trillion for economic development, the UAE’s $27 billion plan to develop tourism, Saudi Arabia’s target of attracting 25 million foreign tourists in 2023, and the region’s growing appeal as a historical and cultural attraction, the Arabian Gulf’s tourism industry is primed for rapid growth. With a concerted drive from regional […]

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