Find Interns For Your Startup

hire interns in Dubai, UAE

There are simply not enough hours in the day for you to manage everything.

Hiring an intern for your business startup in Dubai may be just what it needs to grow to the next level.

Don’t regard interns as just a means to catch up on your paperwork. Interns add value to your business in Dubai.

Small and medium-sized businesses form the foundation of Dubai’s economy. 98 percent of companies operating here are SMEs. They contribute 52 percent of the UAE’s non-oil income each year. Dubai’s SME sector makes up 99 percent of all its business operations and employs 51 percent of the workforce here.

To survive—and thrive—here, you’ll need the support of a local expert. Starting up a business out here is unbelievably simple, provided you work with a local expert such as Trade License Zone, that is.

So, here’s everything you need to know to get started with finding and hiring the right interns for your business in the UAE market.

Why hire interns for your business in the UAE?

When you start your own business, you’ll be stretched thin in trying to tackle everything. Interns help to reduce the number of projects, tasks, and processes you have to manage. Your management team is focused on your business activity – a new company needs all hands on deck to survive in the competitive market in Dubai.

Every hour counts in a startup’s economic development for success or failure, and choosing the right intern is very important.

First things first, consult with Trade License Zone. We’ve helped many, many startups here with just these sorts of challenges in Dubai. We’ve created a platform that not only helps with business setup but a service that turns your startup into a sustainable and responsible company.

Delegating tasks and projects for your intern will free up your time to focus on running the business smarter and more effectively.

Put your investment funding to work.

In our experience, not all entrepreneurs are good at all functions and tasks in a business. That is where hiring an intern with the skills you need will boost your business activity in Dubai and the rest of the country. There are great tools available to help you: financial tools, services, and a wide variety of other financial services.

However, an intern is an asset: they help with day-to-day tasks.

One such job is social media and marketing. We all know that younger generations are hard-wired for tech, social media the global online marketplace. They’ve grown up with it. And, interns and other young adults most likely fall into your business’target market. They can better relate to your target audience than you can.

Many businesses benefit from interns providing a service such as marketing support to startups in Dubai and the world. Startups are the most common type of employer of interns for this task in Dubai.

Pool of Highly Skilled Interns in the UAE

Of course, you’ll need to find and hire the best and most capable interns from Dubai and around the country.

Education experts consider the UAE’s universities and colleges to be amongst the world’s leading institutions. Technology and business are the two major areas of study in the UAE—perfect to help startups.

The UAE has a lot of students for you to choose from. There are roughly 140,000 students attending colleges and universities in Dubai alone—and that includes 80,000 international students!

That’s a lot of potential employees who are eager to work hard while gaining valuable industry experience for their resumes for their future careers.

We help our clients to search for the right candidate interns. Our partners will help you to determine the best interns in Dubai. Make contact with our expert team at Trade License Zone.

Steps to finding and hiring the right interns for your startup in the UAE

Obviously, you don’t want to be micromanaging every task an intern is assigned. Nor do you want to be constantly feeding them work or checking over their shoulder that they’re doing it right.

While Trade License Zone is focused on business setup, we understand entrepreneurs need an environment of support for their startups. We’ve partnered with professionals in every business sector in the United Arab Emirates to help you.

So, when recruiting interns, Trade License Zone’s got you covered.

The first step is to create a clear, detailed job advert. In your advert, note the jobs they will need to perform, the training they will receive, the number of work hours required, and the list of skills they should already have.

You should also state why your startup is the one where they should work. And list the resume-ready skills and abilities they will gain from your internship.

Outline the pay they will receive per hour or week. Some companies don’t pay interns, while others do. In the UAE, most internships offered are paid positions—with even a modest amount of AED 500 per month.

Remember that interns aren’t a source of cheap labor. Think of it in this way: the lower the fee offered to interns, the lower the quality of interns that will likely apply for your internship. The intern market is a competitive space in Dubai.

The next step in finding and hiring the best interns is to reach out to the best sources of interns. Dubai boasts more than 70 universities and colleges. Trade License Zone’s expert partners will help connect you with the right candidate interns.

Let’s not forget that internships are mutually beneficial arrangements. The intern should gain job-ready skills from their time at your business. And as the employer, the intern must competently complete your projects and tasks.

Once you’ve sorted through the pile of resumes with our expert partners, it’s time to interview the shortlisted candidates.

During the interview, always ask yourself if you’d hire the intern for a full-time position. With that mindset, you can better assess the candidate intern’s fit for your startup.

After you’ve picked the candidate that’s right for your business, don’t toss all those resumes into the bin. Your startup’s objectives and projects might differ in the future. You might have the perfect candidate for your company in that pile of resumes.

Taking your startup to the next level

Moving your business to the next phase requires in-depth local knowledge of the region and expertise in the many customs and regulations in Dubai and the UAE.

That’s why Trade License Zone offers assistance and services for business setup and support. From gathering documents, research, licensing for the right economic zones, and even office space. Sit back and let the experts take care of the rest. It really is that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do interns do?

An internship is a mutually beneficial arrangement between an intern and an employer. The employer provides practical work related to the intern’s field of study or career. The intern helps with day-to-day tasks to achieve the goals of the company.

What are the types of interns?

There are hundreds of types of interns. The most popular interns are marketing internships, advertising internships, finance internships, legal internships, technology internships, and professional trade internships such as electrical, plumbing, and construction.

Can foreigners start a business in the UAE?

A foreigner can start a business in the UAE, provided they go about it following the legal processes. Foreigners can also wholly own their startups – there is no need to partner up with a UAE national to gain a business license any longer.

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