List of Free Zones in Dubai [2024 Guide]

Free Zones play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. Free Zones attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and international companies, fostering one of the world’s top financial hubs.

This article presents a comprehensive list of Free Zones in Dubai and describes their specialties. It covers he following topics:

  • What are Free Zones?
  • List of Free Zones in Dubai
  • Benefits of Dubai Free Zones
  • Conclusion

What are Free Zones?

Free Zones are special economic areas in Dubai – and in other parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – where businesses can operate under more liberal economic regulations than those imposed on the mainland. The Free Zones are designed to attract foreign investment and boost economic activities in specified sectors.

Free Zones in Dubai offer a unique blend of benefits, making the emirate a hotbed for international business and investment. Their role in fostering economic activity and attracting top global talent has been pivotal to Dubai’s rapid growth and global standing.

List of Free Zones in Dubai

Dubai Maritime City

The Dubai Maritime City focuses on supporting the marine sector and developing a thriving maritime business community.

Dubai CommerCity

The Dubai CommerCity is this Dubai’s first-ever e-Commerce Free Zone, divided into three main sectors: business, logistics, and social.

Dubai South

One of the newest free zones in Dubai, Dubai South supports businesses aimed at emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also serves as an integrated economic area that supports events and restaurants in its jurisdiction.

Dubai World Trade Centre

The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) focuses on businesses operating in innovation and finance, with leading international companies based in this Free Zone.

Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District (D3) is a creative environment for companies that specialise in art, design, and fashion, powering this cosmopolitan city’s art and culture heartbeat.

Dubai Science Park

This is the first Free Zone dedicated to science and scientific research companies.

International Humanitarian City

This Free Zone was founded as a non-profit organisation to support relief and charity agencies. It is a critical component of Dubai’s (and the UAE’s) first response to global humanitarian crises.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre focuses on gold, diamonds, metals, tea, food grains, and other commodities.

Dubai Outsource City

The Dubai Outsource City supports the outsourcing sector to connect companies with external service providers, such as logistics, warehousing, or cleaning.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

This Free Zone supports industries focusing on high-tech, innovative businesses and service providers. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority also offers warehousing, logistics support, and more.

Dubai International Financial Centre

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is one of the world’s most respected financial hubs. It has over 2,000 active registered companies on its books.

Dubai Internet City

This free zone was founded to serve as a home for companies targeting emerging technologies, and it has grown to support all entities making waves in the technology sphere.

Meydan Free Zone

The Meydan Free Zone is located in the heart of Dubai and is ideal for investors, and supports commercial, consulting, and administrative companies.

Dubai Healthcare City

The Dubai Healthcare City houses hospitals, clinics, medical centres, healthcare facilities, academic medical institutions, and preventative healthcare and wellness services.

Dubai International Academic City

The Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) offers more than 500 academic programmes and e-learning courses from more than 27 international universities.

Dubai Production City

This Free Zone serves print and media production companies, with services including publishing, printing, packaging, and more.

Dubai Studio City

The Studio City focuses on the television, radio, and film production sector and offers support for music and cinema.

Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City (DMC) supports all forms of media and communications.

DAFZ Industrial Park

The Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) supports all businesses related to the Dubai Airport, from restaurants to retailers to service providers.

Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

The DFSA serves as the independent regulator of financial services of the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) Free Zone.

Gold and Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and is one of the world’s most respected jewellery and gold markets.

Dubai Expo City

The Dubai Expo City is home to the Dubai Expo 2020 and offers attractions, offices, restaurants, and more – as well as the incredible Dubai Exhibition Centre.

Dubai Knowledge Park

This Free Zone is a hub for businesses and creative individuals, offering exhibitions, galleries, workshops, fairs, markets, and more.

Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone

The Dubai Auto Zone (DUCAMZ) is home to the largest used car marketplace in the UAE. It supports car dealerships, workshops, automotive companies, and automobile brands.

Jebel Ali Free Zone

The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JFZA) is another business hub, but one of the most impressive. It is home to thousands of businesses, manufacturers, traders, and exporters, with strategic links to over 150 ports.

Benefits of Dubai Free Zones

Free Zones offer several benefits to lure businesses and investors to set up operations. Here are nine key benefits of the Dubai Free Zones:

#1: 100% foreign ownership

In Free Zones, foreign entities can have full ownership of their businesses.

#2: Tax incentives

Free Zone companies are exempt from paying corporate taxes. Likewise, individuals in Free Zones do not pay personal income taxes. Furthermore, goods imported or exported from Free Zones are generally exempt from customs duties, with some exceptions.

#3: Full repatriation of profits and capital

Business owners can repatriate their profits and capital to their home country without limitations or penalties.

#4: State-of-the-art infrastructure

Dubai Free Zones offer top-notch infrastructure tailored to the needs of modern businesses. This includes advanced telecommunications, high-tech office spaces, warehousing facilities, and access to world-class airports, seaports, and road and rail networks. Dubai’s strategic location makes it a gateway between East and West. Given their incentives and facilities, Free Zones amplify this advantage, making it easier for businesses to tap into emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

#5: Ease of setup

Free Zones provide a streamlined process for business registration and licensing. The bureaucratic procedures are often simpler and faster than in the mainland, with dedicated authorities assisting businesses throughout the setup process. Trade License Zone’s highly experienced team can guide you through the entire company setup process, trade license application, visas, and more.

#6: Networking opportunities

Because Free Zones often cluster businesses of a particular industry or sector, they provide excellent networking opportunities. Companies can easily collaborate, partner, or engage in B2B activities with neighbouring businesses in the same Free Zone.

#7: Availability of skilled workforce

Dubai boasts a diverse and skilled pool of talent. Additionally, Free Zones offer streamlined visa and labour services, making recruiting and managing foreign talent easier.

#8: Flexible office solutions

From shared office spaces and flexi-desks for startups and freelancers to expansive warehouses and custom-built facilities for larger corporations, Free Zones offer a variety of office solutions to cater to different business needs.

#9: Defined regulatory framework

Each Free Zone has its own regulatory authority, providing clarity and a defined business framework. This specificity often makes compliance and operations smoother for businesses.


Dubai’s Free Zones are iconic pillars of the city’s economic landscape, designed to stimulate investment, foster innovation, and cultivate business growth. The unparalleled advantages they offer form the core of their appeal. From granting 100% foreign ownership and generous tax incentives to providing world-class infrastructure and streamlining the business setup process, Free Zones ensure that burgeoning startups and well-established enterprises can thrive.

For anyone eyeing the international stage or seeking to fortify their presence in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, Dubai’s Free Zones offer an attractive, flexible, and progressive environment to turn business aspirations into tangible successes. To find out more, contact Trade License Zone’s expert team today!

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