How to start a business in Dubai for Indians

start business in Dubai for Indians

More than a third of the United Arab Emirates’ population comprises Indians. It is no surprise, actually: Dubai is an entrepreneur’s paradise. Dynamic, diverse, and high development sums up the economy in Dubai, and it is ripe for Indian businesspeople to create new ventures in the heart of the UAE and the Middle East.

If you’ve been contemplating how to start a business in Dubai for Indians, this article will look at:

  • Benefits for Indians to start a business in Dubai
  • Cost for Indians to start a business in Dubai
  • Steps to start a business in Dubai for Indians
  • Is Dubai friendly for Indians?
  • Can an Indian start business in Dubai?
  • Best business in Dubai for Indians
  • Working with Trade License Zone

Benefits for Indians to start a business in Dubai

Indian ex-pats constitute the largest population group living in the UAE currently. The growth of Dubai can be linked to the supportive economic development and business activity relations between India and the UAE’s relevant government authorities over the past decades. Today, Indians form an integral part of business in this emirate.

Starting a business in the UAE offers attractive business opportunities for Indian and overseas entrepreneurs and investors. The UAE stimulates its economic growth by providing a tax-free environment for personal and corporate taxes for foreign nationals, a world-class infrastructure, and streamlined business setup and company formation regulations.

Foreign national business owners can also repatriate their capital and profits overseas without currency restrictions.To take advantage of Dubai’s economic development, simply contact the business setup consultant teams at Trade License Zone. We’ll help you with your business licenses, corporate bank account, registration and visa stamping, navigating the UAE’s free zones, business registration, and more.

Cost for Indians to start a business in Dubai

The cost of starting a business for Indians in Dubai ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000. To calculate the exact cost, you need to consider the business type, office space, respective free zones, company formation, visa applications, and more.

As Indian foreign entrepreneurs or investors, you might want to partner with a team of company formation experts to help you navigate the different trade license types, the costs, and more. If you’d like an accurate quote, contact Trade License Zone to help you.

Steps to start a business in Dubai for Indians

All companies trading in the UAE need to adhere to specific regulations for business setup, business license, company naming, business activities, and more. This section will give you the steps to start a business in Dubai for Indians.

Step 1: Partner with Trade License Zone

The first step in starting a business in Dubai for Indians is to partner with Trade License Zone. Our professional services will manage all aspects of your company registration and setup process, guide you on all the documentation required for the various governing authorities and obtain external approvals on your behalf.

Step 2: Choose a trade name

Trade License Zone will help you choose and register your company name with the UAE’s Registry Office. You can use your name in the company’s trade name, but you must use it in full instead of just your surname or initials. The business name must adhere to the UAE’s naming policies, including that a business name cannot include any offensive or profane language, nor any references to Allah or Islam.

Step 3: Choose a company structure

The UAE has demarcated business zones to support specific industries. The two main types of business zones in Dubai are Mainland Companies and Free Zone Companies. These innovative business zones carry particular regulations, making it easier for company formation for foreign investors and entrepreneurs such as Indian ex-pats.

Mainland businesses registered in Dubai can trade across the UAE. Indian foreign nationals are limited to holding 49% of their business shares as UAE laws prescribe that a UAE national must serve as a local partner and own 51% of such foreigner-owned mainland businesses.

The UAE free zones offer foreign investors and entrepreneurs unique benefits, such as business startup incubation services, strategic location, and expert advice. A Free Zone Company structure gives 100% ownership to the foreign entrepreneur or investor. This type of business structure can be registered in one of over 40 special free zones in Dubai.

Setting up your business in a free zone is the most cost-effective and straightforward process. However, if you are unsure whether to choose between a Mainland or a Free Zone company structure, seek expert advice from Trade License Zone to help you decide.

Step 4: Determine your business activities

Outlining your company’s business activities is essential for your trade license in Dubai. Your business license enables you to carry out several activities. Failure to list all your business activities may result in penalties. That’s why it is best to partner with a company formation expert such as Trade License Zone to make sure that your license application and business activities are aligned.

Step 5: Business license application

This is the most crucial step of the entire process. To ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that will cost you time and money, it is advisable to let company formation experts such as Trade License Zone help you.

These are the documents to get a business license in Dubai for Indians:

  • Memorandum of Association from the Department of Economic Development
  • Registration approvals from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)
  • Application approvals from the Ministry of Labour for an Establishment Card
  • Copies of the passport of all partners and shareholders of the business
  • Your business plan
  • A completed application form for the relevant license category

Step 6: Apply for your visa

After applying for your trade license in Dubai, you can apply for your own visa and open your corporate bank account. Your visa may enable you to sponsor the visas of family and staff, depending on your meat trading license. Contact Trade License Zone’s expert team to help you with this critical step.

Is Dubai friendly for Indians?

For decades, the United Arab Emirates has welcomed Indian foreign nationals to live and work in Dubai. This city’s cosmopolitan population comprises nearly 40% of Indian foreign nationals and a bustling environment for Indian ex-pats.

Can an Indian start business in Dubai?

Yes, an Indian can start a business in Dubai. In fact, any foreigner can open a company in the UAE so long as they comply with the country’s visa and business regulations.

Best business in Dubai for Indian

This is a list of businesses that Indians have started successfully in Dubai:

  • Construction companies
  • E-commerce solutions and support businesses
  • Travel and tourism ventures
  • Real estate agencies
  • Professional healthcare services
  • Handyman businesses
  • Beauty salons
  • Jewellery design and sales
  • Clothing manufacturing and retail
  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Translation businesses
  • HR recruitment agencies

Working with Trade License Zone

Business setup in the UAE is straightforward when you partner with a team of experts such as Trade License Zone. As an Indian, starting a business can be a tricky process when it comes to applying for a trading license, company structure, and visas. When you partner with Trade License Zone, we will save you from unnecessary delays or rejections and streamline the entire process.

The specialists at Trade License Zone can get started once you provide us with some basic documentation and a little information about the nature of your company and business activities. Then, please sit back and let our team take care of the rest. We’ll manage your trade license and visa applications, communicate with all relevant local departments and authorities and report when you’re ready to trade. It really is that simple.

Contact us to get a personalized quotation based on your business activity