How to start a flower shop online in Dubai – 2024 Guide

Are you looking to put your entrepreneurial ideas into action? An online flower shop in Dubai is a business that requires low capital and startup costs. As a business, an online florist makes for a budding enterprise and blooming entrepreneur!

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Why start an online flower shop in Dubai?
  • Benefits of starting an online flower shop in Dubai
  • Steps to start an online flower shop in Dubai
  • Cost of starting an online flower shop in Dubai
  • How profitable is a flower shop business?
  • Business setup in Dubai with Trade License Zone

Why start an online flower shop in Dubai?

The floristry industry in the United Arab Emirates is blossoming. This sector is ripe for planting your entrepreneurial seeds to grow a profitable business entity. Online shops are not only straightforward to set up, but thanks to the UAE’s business regulations and visa requirements, it is easier than ever for a foreign national to start their own e-commerce business in this stunning city.

An online flower shop in Dubai ticks many boxes for customer needs: convenience, variety, quality, and delivery. From timeless gestures of romance to celebrations, condolences, and more, flowers are a gift treasured by people.

Benefits of starting an online flower shop in Dubai

The benefits of starting an online flower shop in Dubai are numerous. These are the three most significant advantages for investors and entrepreneurs:

#1: Low Startup Costs

You don’t need tens of thousands in investment cash to set up an online shop, and you don’t need to worry about buying machinery, stock and samples or sorting out staff, offices, and warehousing space.

It is straightforward to start an online flower shop in Dubai. Your most expensive outlays will be for the e-commerce platform, subscriptions to logistics services, and your e-commerce trade license.

#2: Dubai’s Flower Power

The Dubai Flower Center is one of Dubai’s Free Zones and was primarily established to simplify the flower sales industry. It is an impressive center, covering over 100,000 square meters with workspaces and residential buildings. It also boasts processing and packing stations, numerous flower pavilions, and specialist services such as storage facilities for particular flowers. The Dubai Flower Center provides many business opportunities in this sector – perfect for taking advantage of and building your online business and market share.

#3: Business in Dubai is Blooming

Dubai attracts foreign national investors and entrepreneurs thanks to its business-friendly regulations, easy visa processes, access to one of the world’s most diverse and robust economies, high quality of living, and zero taxes on personal and corporate incomes. Business in Dubai blossoms with opportunities.

Steps to start an online flower shop in Dubai

There are eight steps to start an online florist business in Dubai. The steps to get your e-commerce trade license and start trading in Dubai are outlined below.

Step 1: Partner with Trade License Zone

When starting an online florist, you should partner with Trade License Zone. Our professional team will manage all aspects of your trade license application and company setup on your behalf.

Step 2: Select your business activities

Part of the application process requires you to specify your business activities on your trade license. You may only carry out the selected activities. If a company is conducting business in the UAE without the relevant business activities listed on its trade license, it may face severe penalties from the Dubai authorities.

Step 3: Choose a company name

The UAE has strict naming regulations for businesses. The company name must not include offensive or blasphemous language or references to Allah or Islam. It must also avoid referencing well-known brands, and if you are including your name in the title, it must contain no abbreviations.

Trade License Zone will help you choose and register your online florist business name with the UAE’s Registry Office.

Step 4: Choose a business setup

You must choose whether to set up your business on the Mainland or in a Free Zone in Dubai. There are numerous benefits to both business jurisdictions, but each has specific attributes that determine the company’s formation setup.

Free zone companies are the most popular and cost-effective of the two types of business jurisdictions in Dubai. For an online flower shop, it is recommended to choose a Free Zone such as the Dubai Flower Center.

Selecting the correct business setup for your auditing business might seem complicated. When you contact the expert team at Trade License Zone, we will help you to choose the best company setup formation to start trading as soon as possible.

Step 5: Apply for your trade license

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can submit your audit business license application to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Trade License Zone can help you with this critical step to avoid errors, delays, or rejections.

Step 6: Apply for your visa

Once you’ve completed the trade license application process, you can apply for your UAE residency visa to live and work in Dubai. Your trade license may entitle you to sponsor the visas of family and staff, depending on the conditions of the license.

Step 7: Choose an e-commerce platform

The e-commerce platform you select for your online shop will be the most significant factor in its success. You want to find an e-commerce platform that is simple to use, has excellent checkout features and payment services for customers and has an intuitive layout. Cybersecurity and privacy aspects must be considered, too. There are many e-commerce platforms to choose from, and a Google search of the best will provide you with lots of food for thought and narrow down your list to help you select the best one for your needs.

Trade License Zone can also put you in touch with e-commerce experts to help you get started.

Step 8: Develop your website

If you’re brave and willing to learn quickly, you can develop your website from scratch with just a few clicks. There are website templates you can use, buy, or customize to your preference. If you’re not comfortable with that, Dubai is a hive of website designers looking to tackle such a job.

Your website needs a simple-to-use interface and design, creating a practical and pleasant customer experience.

Cost of starting an online flower shop in Dubai

Starting an online flower shop in Dubai costs AED 12,000 to AED 25,000. The cost varies depending on multiple factors, such as the type of trade license, various business setup fees, the number of visas required, the kind of e-commerce and logistics services, and government fees.

Trade License Zone’s expert team can provide you with a free quotation to get you started and offer guidance on the steps required to get your trade license application approved successfully.

How profitable is a flower shop business?

Opening a business of any kind, anywhere in the world, is not without risks and challenges. Companies such as flower shops take a long time to grow before they show profits.

A flower shop business can be very profitable, especially online, as you can better control the company’s pricing, costs, and other facets. Once you’ve established your roots, focused on your audience and harvested the rewards of marketing, your profits will begin to grow.

Business setup in Dubai with Trade License Zone

When you partner with an expert such as Trade License Zone, starting an online flower shop in Dubai is streamlined. Trade License Zone will save you from the frustration of unnecessary delays or rejections and simplify the application and company setup process for your online enterprise.

The specialists at Trade License Zone can begin the process as soon as you provide us with some basic documentation. After that, just sit back and let our team take care of the rest. We’ll manage your business setup in the UAE, communicate with all relevant government departments and authorities, and report to you when you’re ready to launch your new entity. It really is that simple.

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