UAE Green Visa: 2024 Guide

The United Arab Emirates has recently revised its visa system. This makes the UAE one of the most progressive destinations for talented individuals to live and work. The new visa category – called the Green visa – makes it easier than ever for skilled professionals to move to Dubai as the country looks to further boost its competitiveness and economic diversity with a burgeoning private-sector job market while also increasing residency stability for UAE foreign nationals and families.

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  • UAE Green visa – what is it?
  • Benefits of UAE’s Green visa
  • UAE’s Green visa eligibility
  • Working with Trade License Zone

UAE Green visa – what is it?

The UAE government’s changes to the UAE residence visa system make obtaining residency a streamlined process. In the past, the government authority eligibility criteria stipulated that people needed a job offer from a business in the UAE. This business would then serve as the person’s sponsor. The Green visa has changed this: skilled people no longer require sponsorship – they can sponsor themselves and immediate family members.

The Green visa differentiates between work and residency permits to attract highly talented individuals to help improve the UAE’s economic growth in the future. This UAE visa allows skilled professionals, investors and entrepreneurs to sponsor themselves for five years without first associating themselves with companies in the UAE.

Benefits of UAE’s Green visa

The Green visa makes it easier for foreigners to live and work in the UAE and obtain UAE residency for a period of five years. The Green visa also provides more benefits to holders’ family members than a regular residence visa.

The benefits include more straightforward residence permits for immediate family members (such as spouse, children and other first-degree family members). A Green visa holder can also sponsor male children up to 25 years of age, with no age limit for unmarried daughters. Children of determination (who have special needs) are granted a UAE residence visa regardless of their age. The UAE government extends grace periods of up to six months for holders to stay in the UAE after their residence permit has been cancelled or their visa expires.

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UAE’s Green visa eligibility

The Green visa is a new type of visa that allows holders to have residency in the UAE without sponsorship. Skilled professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and top students are eligible for the Green visa. In this section, we’ll discuss those specific requirements. 

Freelancers/self-employed people

Dubai’s population comprises around 90 per cent foreign nationals. Freelancers and self-employed people (such as entrepreneurs) have recently boosted this number. The Green visa category supports this sector by providing a five-year UAE residency to establish foreign nationals’ business activities in the region better.

To apply for the Green visa, freelancers/self-employed people must submit the following documentation:

  • Current freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma
  • Evidence of annual income from self-employment over the previous two years for an amount no less than AED360,000 or proof of financial solvency throughout the applicant’s stay in UAE.

Skilled employees

For skilled employees, such as doctors, researchers, top students and skilled professionals, the Green visa provides a five-year residency in the UAE.

The requirements are as follows:

  • A valid employment contract
  • A skill classified as first, second, or third occupational level by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • An educational background including a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma or training
  • Proof of a minimum salary of AED 15,000

Investors or partners

The Green visa encourages investors to settle in the UAE. It provides a five-year residency for investors and entrepreneurs to establish and participate in commercial activities, and this new visa replaces the previous two-year resident visa in UAE.

To be eligible for the Green visa, investors require approval of the investment and proof of an investment of a minimum value of AED 1 million. The investor must also have the approval of the local authorities. If the investor/partner has more than one business license, then the total of AED 1 million will be calculated by including all investment funds.

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