Yoga business in Dubai – 2024 Guide

Yoga is a spiritual and physical fitness exercise that uplifts and enhances a person’s physical and mental exercise and health. With their fast-paced lives, Dubai’s citizens have embraced yoga and its many benefits. If you’re looking to open your own business and yoga studio in Dubai, now is the best time. The market is consistently growing, and the number of people interested in yoga increases daily.

So let’s jump right in. In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Yoga business in Dubai and the UAE – an overview
  • Current yoga scene in Dubai
  • Types of yoga classes offered
  • Popular yoga styles in Dubai
  • Advantages of starting a yoga business in Dubai
  • Steps to start a yoga business in Dubai
  • Costs of starting a yoga business in Dubai
  • How to grow a yoga business in Dubai
  • Business setup in Dubai with Trade License Zone

Yoga business in Dubai and the UAE – an overview

Yoga studios are thriving in Dubai. Many people practice yoga, and there are many studios around the city. As fitness activities go, yoga is one of the most accessible to the broadest audience – and it fits perfectly into the lifestyle that Dubai cultivates for its citizens. Yoga requires little to no equipment, and diverse people from around the world enjoy yoga sessions in Dubai.

Indians account for the largest proportion of Dubai’s diverse population, and with yoga originating in India, it is no surprise that yoga studios are the preferred fitness classes for Indians living in Dubai. The health benefits of yoga are well-documented, and the COVID-19 pandemic saw a number of people turn to yoga to keep fit and healthy, as it can be practised from home with very little equipment. This interest has now translated into bustling yoga centres around the city.

Current yoga scene in Dubai

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many yoga centres close down to social distancing regulations. However, the popularity and availability of yoga has grown, and interest in the activity is now greater than ever. Some yoga classes switched to online classes during the pandemic, and this made it even more accessible during the lockdown, allowing everyone to exercise and try new fitness classes.

There are now numerous yoga studios and yoga centres for enthusiastic yogis to teach and share their love of yoga.

During the summer months, yoga is especially popular, and there are some fantastic pop-up yoga studios. Examples include the ones operating from the Burj Khalifa, which offer breathtaking views during yoga classes.

Overview of yoga studios in Dubai

Unlike other health activities, yoga requires very little in the way of capital outlay for setting up a yoga centre. What all yoga studios have in common is that they are sanctuaries for peace and tranquillity – quiet spaces with expansive windows, natural lighting, and enough floor space for customers to stretch out comfortably. Some yoga centres offer a small sportswear shop or juice bar.

Types of yoga classes offered

The types of yoga classes offered in Dubai range from large classes to private sessions, in studios or at home, in addition to online classes.

Popular yoga styles in Dubai

Breathing exercises, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, aerial yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, and ashtanga yoga are the most popular styles of yoga classes offered in Dubai.

Advantages of starting a yoga business in Dubai

Health and fitness are priorities for the majority of Dubai’s citizens, whether foreign nationals or locals. While gyms and other sports activities are popular, it is yoga that is growing at the fastest rate. This is down to the lifestyle characteristics of yoga: it is relaxing and enhances the mind and body.

Yoga also requires very little in the way of equipment and other aspects, so it is easy to fit it into your daily life. Classes are fun, relaxing and peaceful, too.

Business setup is straightforward in Dubai. Starting a business in the UAE has some fantastic benefits, including the fact that you don’t pay taxes on personal or corporate income as a business owner.

Steps to start a yoga business in Dubai

Starting a yoga studio in Dubai is straightforward. In this section, we’ll outline the steps you need to follow to get your yoga business license.

Step 1: Partnering with Trade License Zone

Your first step to opening a yoga centre and getting your yoga license is to partner with Trade License Zone. Our company setup specialists will help to manage all aspects of your yoga license application and business structure and liaise with all the relevant Dubai government authorities and municipality agencies on your behalf.

Step 2: Picking a company name

The next step is to give your business a name. Trade name reservation follows strict rules in the UAE: business names may not contain any offensive or blasphemous language or references to Allah or Islam. Names must avoid well-known brand associations, and if you’re using your name, it must contain no abbreviations. Trade License Zone can help you with this process and register your chosen name with the UAE’s Registry Office on your behalf.

Step 3: Selecting a business structure

Every business in the UAE must specify its activities for its trade license applications to operate legally in Dubai. There are more than 2,000 business activities, but you must select the ones pertinent to your yoga studio. Failure to list all your business activities on your trade license may result in penalties.

Your business activities determine the kind of business setup and trade license type most suitable for your company. The UAE has two main business jurisdiction types: Free Zone and Mainland company setups.

Free Zone companies are the most popular type of business setup, allowing you 100% ownership of your bakery company. However, a Free Zone company must take additional steps to trade within the UAE’s domestic market, such as opening a branch or a distributor.

One further consideration is the business structure. The most popular type of business setup for a yoga studio is an LLC (Limited Liability Company). This allows you to grow your business in Dubai and helps you as an entrepreneur on your yoga journey.

Trade License Zone will ensure that your trading license application, business setup, and business activities are aligned. Contact us to help you with this critical step.

Step 4: Getting Initial Approval

An important step to opening a yoga studio in Dubai is to obtain two initial government approvals. You will need to apply to the Youth and Sports Welfare department, as yoga is categorised as fitness classes and sport. You will also need to apply to the Ministry of Public Health. This is part of the registration process, and you will need to provide complete details for these departments before they can approve your applications.

Step 5: Finding the best yoga studio space to rent

Location, location, location! It goes without saying that you’ll need to rent a location that is convenient for your customers to attend yoga classes. Setting up a yoga studio is an exciting and satisfying process, and finding the right space is one of the most significant ways to establish it and build a strong customer base for your new business.

Step 6: Documents required

The documents needed for your trade license application include:

  • Articles of Incorporation (if necessary)
  • Passport copies of all directors/shareholders
  • Colour passport photos of all directors/shareholders
  • Initial approval receipt from government agencies
  • Copy of lease agreement
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association

Step 7: Applying for your trade license

Once you have gathered the documents for your business registration and business setup for your yoga studio in Dubai, you can submit your trade license application to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). For this critical step, Trade License Zone can streamline the process to avoid any errors or mistakes.

Cost of starting a yoga business in Dubai

The cost of starting a yoga business in Dubai ranges between AED25,000 to AED 30,000. This cost varies depending on several factors, such as yoga studio rental, government approvals, trade license costs, and other fees.

Trade License Zone’s expert team can help you: we offer a free consultation to guide you on the steps and fees to open your yoga studio in Dubai.

How to grow a yoga business in Dubai

Other than offering high-quality yoga classes or group classes to your customers, the best ways to grow a yoga business is to offer one-on-one classes, provide yoga workshops, create a brand around your business and your yoga centre, and offer loyalty rewards and memberships. These initiatives will help grow your yoga studio sustainably and naturally, with a core of loyal, regular classes and customers.

Business setup in Dubai with Trade License Zone

Business setup in the UAE is straightforward when you partner with Trade License Zone. The UAE has streamlined the trade license application and business structure, and our experts will save you time and money and eliminate the frustration of unnecessary delays or rejections.

The specialists at Trade License Zone can get you started with your yoga studio in Dubai as soon as you provide us with some basic documentation and information. Our team will then take care of the rest for you: we’ll manage your business setup process, communicate with all relevant government departments and authorities, and report back to you when you’re ready to start trading as a yoga business in Dubai. It really is that simple.

Contact us to get a personalized quotation based on your business activity