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From the UAE to Saudi Arabia: What are the most in-demand jobs in the Gulf?

This year has started well for job growth in the Gulf region. Saudi Arabia and Dubai are leading the way, and the first quarter has shown an 18% rise in the number of available positions, according to a report by recruitment agency Robert Walters. Not only is this a sizable increase, but it goes against […]

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From football to finance – what’s behind the Gulf’s big international purchases?

For many years now, oil-based economies have been creating long-term visions as a way of securing their countries’ wealth and prosperity far in the future. While investments into green technology and infrastructure have played a key role, what often makes the most noise is when GCC countries start looking abroad for investment opportunities. The most […]

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The movie business in the Gulf

The movie business in the Gulf – what’s changing and where are the opportunities?

It’s often stated that Dubai is at the crossroads of the world – easy access to Europe, Africa and Asia, and a non-stop flight to the US east coast. For an industry such as film-making, which relies on locations and talent from every part of the world, the Middle East is a central hub, and […]

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