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car in Ducamz free zone

DUCAMZ Free Zone: Everything you need to know

The DUCAMZ Free Zone is the ideal environment for automotive-related businesses. If you want to start an automotive company in DUCAMZ Free Zone, this article is your perfect starting point. The following sections share everything you need to know about DUCAMZ, covering the following topics: Importance of Free Zones in the UAE and their role […]

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Gold trading license Dubai: All you need to know

One of the biggest attractions for tourists and shoppers to Dubai is its gold market. Dubai is commonly known as the Middle East’s ‘City of Gold’ thanks to the prevalence of its gold trading businesses. Unsurprisingly, Dubai is one of the world’s leading gold trading markets. If you’d like to set up a gold trading […]

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Kiosk license in Dubai [2024 Guide]

]Dubai is an entrepreneur’s dream. This United Arab Emirates city boasts business opportunities for every business size, from multinational brands to medium-sized enterprises to kiosks. A kiosk business is a small retailer usually located inside shopping malls. Malls attract high numbers of foot traffic that offer tremendous potential for huge profits for kiosk business owners. […]

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Cafeteria license in Dubai

Cafeteria license in Dubai: Costs & requirements

Entrepreneurs and investors from all over the globe flock to Dubai. Why? It is one of the fastest-growing and most diverse economies in the world. It has a hungry population that’s growing every day. The restaurant sector is the fastest growing in the United Arab Emirates right now and shows no signs of slowing down. […]

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event management license Dubai

How to start an event management company in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is widely regarded as the events capital of the world. With its incredible East-meets-West location for business activities, corporate events, and sporting events, travellers to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are spoilt for choice with world-class events in some of the world’s best venues – and all in one city. Whether your company will […]

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cyber security business in dubai

Cyber security license Dubai: 2022 Guide

More and more of our lives actually take place on the internet. We’re rapidly adopting an internet-based economy. Your data is pretty much vulnerable on the internet – unless it is protected by a cyber security business. These companies protect computer systems, networks, and data against cyberattacks and unauthorised access. We’ll help you learn everything […]

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start a blockchain company in Dubai

Start a blockchain or cryptocurrency company in Dubai

There’s no better place in the world than Dubai to start a blockchain or cryptocurrency company. For entrepreneurs seeking to dive into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Dubai is a fast-growing hub of technology and innovation – particularly in the fintech industry. There is tremendous hype surrounding decentralized virtual currencies based on blockchain technology. […]

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start a small business

Small Business license in Dubai: Costs & Requirements

Opening a small business in Dubai is a dream for nearly every ex-pat and foreign investor. Business-friendly government regulations, zero tax environment, high quality of living, and world-class infrastructure make it easy to understand why over 90 percent of Dubai’s population is made up of foreign nationals. No business in the United Arab Emirates can […]

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Dubai Home Business Ideas:

Dubai Home Business Ideas: [10 Ideas]

Home-based businesses in Dubai have seen an exponential growth in recent times – and the trend will continue into the future. With the freedom and flexibility of working from home, starting a home-based business means low investment costs to get started for a lucrative business with zero tax charges and a competitive economy. In this […]

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grow your business in Dubai

How to Grow your Business in Dubai

Business in Dubai is booming. This city is not only the largest in the United Arab Emirates, but it is one of the top five biggest financial hubs in the world. Dubai presents the perfect opportunity to grow your existing business and expand its footprint across United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East. Growing […]

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